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Mattern is the Leader in Law Firm Operations Consulting.

We help law firms on their journey to excellence.

 June Coffee Break

“Reducing Cost and Risk in Offsite Records Holdings: How to Successfully Navigate Difficult Contracts"

Spring 2024

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Our Approach 

We utilize the Mattern Method® to deliver the industry’s most comprehensive evaluation of processes, technology, staff, contracts and recoveries. Our proprietary process helps firms assess and compare the operational and financial effectiveness of in-house and outsourced support services – and guides firms to excellence in each.

Our insights help firms produce results that improve:

  • Operations through substantial efficiency and workflow gains and eliminating duplication of efforts.
  • The bottom line through significant cost reduction, cost savings and cost recoveries.
  • Service provider relationships by enhancing performance, service level agreements, and holding providers accountable through contract compliance.

Areas of Expertise

At the core of your firm’s efficiencies, and a significant part of your firm’s success, is the middle and back office operations and administrative services.  Our expertise comes from a combined 119+ years of industry knowledge, market leading expertise, and the most comprehensive data and proprietary benchmarking available in the market.

Our areas of focus include:

Value Proposition

Pricing exercises might save firms money in the short term but shortchange their future.  Mattern drives immediate, tangible expense reduction and long-term operational excellence with improved recovery of costs.    

Our fees are flexible.  We can structure them to be $0 out of pocket in addition to having all savings flow directly to the firm.  

Success Stories

"Mattern’s benchmarking and analysis of our 
outsourcing contract was invaluable."

"Mattern is a consultancy built upon a strong, ethical base with superior processes each and every time."

Mattern Helps Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, Improve Outsourced Administrative Services Including Resource Center & Document and Word Processing Agreement 

New Outsourcing Contract Yields $1 Million+ Savings for Dickinson Wright

Chamberlain Achieves $0 Dollar Permanent Withdrawal Fee and 40% Savings with New Offsite Record Vendor

News and Insights 

We’re going LIVE! Join our Coffee Break with Tammy Baldwin, Chief of Business Operations of Perkins Coie

Outsourcing: How to Do Better Than Flipping a Coin

Mattern Talks Podcast: Ep.4 Offsite Records: Reduce Costs Now and Create the Exit Strategy

Contact Us 

Mattern is proud of the work we do and appreciate being able to partner with firms to achieve mutual success.  How can we help you?