Mattern & Associates Announces the 10 Year Anniversary of The Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey

Legal support services consulting firm Mattern & Associates, LLC ( announces that it has officially launched its 2014 Cost Recovery Survey, officially marking its impressive 10th year of execution. First conducted in 2004 and featured in the Wall Street Journal in 2012, the bi-annual Cost Recovery Survey performed by Mattern & Associates is an industry-recognized and trusted source for law firms to compare their performance in the recovery of costs to that of their peers in multiple areas.

Over the last ten years, the Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey has drawn broad participation from the nation’s most distinguished, top tier firms. The Survey results year after year incentivize growing participation as the detailed results are broadly viewed as an invaluable and decision-making tool. Legal industry leaders have described the Mattern & Associates Survey as, “The most comprehensive snapshot of cost recovery trends and practices available in the legal field.”

The 2014 Survey promises it to be the most rewarding for participants. Conducted over a 90 day period, the 2014 Survey will explore traditional, modern, and emerging cost recovery areas—and for the first time will include a workflow analysis component. Some of the salient data from the 2012 results revealed this type of cost-saving, insightful data:

 The percentage of firms implementing alternative methods of recovering soft costs, and that this was on the rise.  Percentage of clients continuing to push back and refusing to pay certain soft cost recoveries, especially percentages in the areas of legal research and B & W photocopy.  Print and scan recoveries across the board continued to increase with some of the lowest push back percentages in the 2012 Survey.  The net realizations of soft costs continued to erode while hard costs’ continued to significantly increase.

Participating firms receive a fully customized report comparing their firm’s cost recovery practices to industry benchmarks; survey details are broken down by firm size and geographic location and are reviewed in conjunction with one of Mattern’s cost recovery experts.

“We are proud to have developed the Cost Recovery Survey into the highly regarded industry product that it is today, and we are most proud that it reflects our core mission at Mattern & Associates which is to deliver the highest level of expertise and impeccable benchmarks—in a completely unbiased package. To be able to offer something of this value to the legal community is a real honor.”

To join your peers and participate in the 2014 Cost Recovery Survey, contact Lisa Schneider at or visit the Mattern & Associates website: The Survey is now open and will be closed to participation on April 30, 2014. Participation is strongly recommended.

About Mattern & Associates Mattern & Associates assists law firms in developing an unbiased strategic direction for their business processes while improving both the cost-effectiveness and the recovery of expenses for these services. For more information on Mattern & Associates, visit, check out their blog,, or follow them on Twitter @MatternOfFact. The company is based in Glen Mills, Pennsylvania.