AmLaw 200 Firm Shifts to Work-Cell Environment, Captures 24% in Cost Savings while Substantially Improving Operational Efficiency

Problem: This 320 attorney, AmLaw 200, Houston-based firm was in the throes of implementing a “work-cell” environment for their secretaries per practice area. The restructuring of staff and office layout required a different output strategy to be deployed in order to provide the tools and technology within close proximity to the work-cells, while also looking to reduce expenses. However, the firm had several expiration dates for their existing multi-function devices, requiring a creative plan for addressing replacements that also substantially improved the convenience and efficiency for the new work-cell environment.

Solution: The firm hired Mattern & Associates for a two-pronged project. The first was to assist in the selection, procurement and negotiation of a multi-function printer (MFPs) fleet agreement that would best support these newly created work-cells. The second was that as the MFPs were being rolled out throughout the various offices, Mattern would conduct an on-site assessment, develop and manage a customized Request for Proposal process, and negotiate an extremely competitive contract for the firm’s multi-function devices (MFDs) that addressed the overall output strategy for the firm. These steps would help the firm decipher the best options available.

Result: After reviewing the newly held recommendations, the firm decided to retain their service provider. However, new agreements were negotiated that addressed the output strategy firm-wide, allowing the firm to have appropriate standardization throughout. The negotiations gave way for:

  • A single expiration date every five years for the total fleet of MFDs
  • Replacement of most MFDs with new devices
  • Absorption of approximately $243,329 in buyouts
  • Flexibility for the deletion or upgrade/downgrade of 40% of the devices
  • Established penalty-based performance standards for service response times and up-time

These new adjustments allowed for a projected savings of $149,090 in the first year–overall allowing for the firm to achieve a total savings of 24%.

Client Takeaway: “Very satisfied with the work of the Mattern Team. Reduced costs and increased efficiencies resulted from their work.”

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