Back Office to the Future and the COO CFO Forum in New York

Last week marked the infamous date to which Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly and Christopher Lloyd’s Doc Brown time-traveled in the 1989 film ‘Back  to the Future II’ when the likes of hover boards and self-lacing shoes would be the norm.

Well, the future is now–and this goes for the back office of your law firm as well.

Mattern & Associates is proud to be a year over year premiere sponsor of the COO CFO Forum in New York City.  For those attending the Forum, Rob Mattern and Stephen Cole will be presenting “Back Office to the Future” as one of the afternoon roundtable discussions.

Rob and Stephen’s discussion will focus on how to position the law firm back office operation to be cost-effective with built-in flexibilities that meet the continually changing needs of your end users at the intersection of technology and outsourcing.

Topics to be highlighted are:

  • How to take traditional areas of outsourcing (reprographics, mail, etc.) and make them more cost-effective and efficient with added benefits
    to the firm.
  • What new areas – document processing, records, litigation support, and administrative resources should be reviewed and considered for
  • How the recovery of costs is a key factor in this process and the one area that most firms tend to leave money on the table.

If you happen to miss the roundtable discussion, Stephen highlights how some law firms are tackling the back office in his recent article featured in Legaltech News:  “How Litigation Support Services Marry Risk Mitigation and Cost Recovery,” where he argues that firms can expect managed services models to become a more prevalent fixture in the litigation support landscape. To read the Legaltech article click here.

If you have any questions concerning your back office, whether it is your traditional outsourced services or you are considering examining some your middle office functions, please stop by our booth at the COO CFO for an unbiased discussion.