COLPM 2014 InnovAction Awards: recognizing outstanding innovation in the legal industry

The Futures Conference held by the College of Law Practice Management brought some of the world’s leading authorities in the legal industry to discuss emerging trends and issues facing the legal market. We were delighted to be a part of this leading event as a gold sponsor. Jordan Furlong from Attorney at Work succinctly captured five of the best takeaways from this year’s conference, including:

  • Trailblazer, Tom Sager. Tom recalled the still-relevant origins and core metrics of the DuPont Legal Model for anticipating, managing and executing his company’s legal issues of which he pioneered. He emphasized the model’s “fixation and focus” on using metrics and warned the legal profession to be aware of the prominence of “non-lawyers” in legal market change discussions and their key role in successfully implementing and communicating new systems.
  • Innovator, Abe Geiger. Abe, CEO of Shake, discussed the huge potential of “TinyLaw” and shared his focus on making everything more cost-effective and efficient for consumers of legal products. He also spoke about how innovative technology is presenting new accessibility opportunities for legal services.

We were also proud to be a sponsor of the 2014 InnovAction Awards. For the tenth year, these awards recognized outstanding innovation in the delivery of legal services. The awards intend not only to identify effective innovation but also to inspire others through international recognition.

Congratulations to the 2014 recipients of this coveted award:

  • Legal Talent Lab for their OnRamp Fellowship. This Fellowship aims to replenish the pipeline of mid to senior level women lawyers in law firms. This unique experiential learning program gives returning women an opportunity to demonstrate their value in the marketplace while also broadening their experience, skills, and legal contacts.
  • Higgs & Sons Solicitors for Achieving Cultural Innovation. Higgs successfully delivered an innovative programme aimed at transforming its culture and operations, and at the same time redefined its brand as an early innovator and a role model within the UK legal industry.

It is an honor to be a part of recognizing such worthwhile and impressive innovators from the legal industry. Congratulations again to the winners. At Mattern & Associates, we strive to continually foster business innovation in the law firm back office and the recovery of costs. Look for more innovations from us in 2015.