Cost Recovery for E-Discovery and Litigation with Rob Mattern and Nathan Curtis

Rob Mattern and Nathan Curtis discuss results from Mattern's, first-of-its-kind survey, 2020 e-Discovery and Litigation Support Survey.

Litigation support and e-Discovery recovery strategies vary widely, with industry leaders recovering more than double what other firms are.  The first step toward optimizing your e-Discovery and Litigation Support recoveries is knowing how you compare. 

Through our proven methodology, we have compiled the industry’s most trusted information regarding cost recovery practices across key areas of back and middle office support.

That is why Mattern designed this first-of-kind survey to produce the unbiased data your firm needs to develop a culturally-fit recovery strategy that benefits you and your clients.

The 2020 e-Discovery and Litigation Support Survey (“Survey”) results focus on the following areas:

  • How firms are structuring litigation support/e-Discovery departments
  • Why firms have outsourced litigation/e-Discovery departments
  • What methodologies firms use to recover these costs - whether in-house or outsourced
  • What charges are clients pushing back on and refusing to pay
  • Percentage of these items identified as being recoverable from a client
  • Percentage of the recoverable amounts actually reimbursed by clients
  • The structure other firms are using to recover their costs

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