Legal Cost Recovery Survey

Legal Cost Recovery Survey Legal cost recovery plays a vital role for most law firms and departments. It continues to have significant financial impact to the bottom line.

The Mattern Legal Cost Recovery Survey is an indispensable planning and budgeting tool for law firms and legal departments. The resulting publication includes benchmarks for more than a dozen back and middle office support service areas from contributors all across the country.

A typical publication includes cost reduction and expense recovery volumes, rates, percentages and trends for:

Cost Recovery Surveys are completed every two years.

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An Indispensible Tool

Cost recovery has become increasingly difficult in the last half decade. Savvy clients have begun to compare the rates they are being charged by various firms they work with.

Additionally, law firms and legal corporations are under increasing pressure to be seen less as a cost center and more as a value-add component to the corporate structure. This translates into, among other things, a demand for greater accountability and more accurate and predictable budgeting and forecasting.

Mattern’s legal cost recovery survey enables cost recovery comparisons, accountability, forecasting, budgeting, and predictability. It has become an industry resource for tracking the cost recovery practices of law firms across every size and geography. It is referred to as “the most comprehensive snapshot of cost recovery trends and practices available in the legal field“.

2016 Legal Cost Recovery Survey results are now available for viewing: Click here to request an overview of the results!