Don’t Get Ripped Off in Your Support Services!

The biggest rip offs in support services are:

1.      Offsite Storage Permanent withdrawal fees

2.      Termination charges on outsourcing contracts

3.      Severance pay for outsourced employees

4.      Equipment return fees

In each of the above instances, there is no justifiable reason for these charges. Their sole purpose is to impact you, the client, if you want to attempt to terminate the relationship even if the service you are receiving is poor. How do you avoid them?

Here are some strategies:

1.     Create a competitive situation in any contract negotiation or renewal. This will tend to point out terms and conditions that are not competitive.

2.      Think “pre-nuptial agreement”. Every contract ends, make sure you address how the contract terminates at the outset when you are negotiating it.

3.      Just say “no”. Refuse any term that is a handcuff that unfairly restricts you.  Remember that YOU are the client!

Don’t get ripped off!  For more strategies to avoid unfair contract terms, please see the upcoming Fall edition of Mattern Matters.