Episode 4: Off-site Records: Reduce Costs Now and Create the Exit Strategy

In Episode 4 of Mattern Talks, company President Rob Mattern and Consultant, Nathan Curtis, certified Information Governance Professional, address how organizations can significantly reduce costs while creating the right positioning for a successful exit strategy from their off-site records vendor. Rob and Nathan take a look at these following questions and more:

  • How can I make this the last off-site contract my firm will have to sign?
  • Should I incorporate information governance into my off-site records strategy?  Why or why not?
  • What critical terms do I need in my contract to protect my organization?
  • How do I ensure these critical terms actually make it into my contract?
  • What if I have to transfer my boxes to another vendor? Is this a deal-breaker?
  • What is the impact of permanent withdrawal fees?

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