Fall 2018 Edition of Mattern Matters

Hello, my name is Rob Mattern and I am the President of Mattern & Associates, LLC. Welcome to the Fall 2018 edition of Mattern Matters. Click here to view the complete 2018 Summer Mattern Matters Newsletter.


As the 2018 year-end comes into view, law firms tend to renew their focus on the bottom line.  Mattern works with firms to improve their bottom line via several methods: process improvements to drive efficiencies, cost savings via contract renegotiation, and improved (or new streams) of cost recovery where applicable.  As the recently released results of Mattern’s 2018 Cost Recovery Survey demonstrate, soft cost recovery is still very much alive with a levelling off in the decrease in net realization for most disbursements.

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Want Clients to Pay for Expenses? Try Asking Them

As published in The American Lawyer, October 24, 2018

A new survey suggests law firms are changing their approach to recovering back-office expenses—and pushback from clients may be steadying.

Law firms have been leaving money on the table for years by failing to collect on back-office expenses—as much as millions of dollars for the largest firms. And while client pushback on law firm administrative expenses remains strong, it may be reaching a plateau, a new survey suggests.

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Mattern Benchmarking Analysis Helps Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, AmLaw 50 Firm, Improve Outsourcing, Multi-Functional Equipment, Administrative Resource Center  (ARC) and Document Processing Agreements

Based on the West-Coast, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP is an Am Law 50 firm who had been in a long-term relationship with two vendors for outsourcing and document processing services provided at its domestic offices.  One of the vendors provided services for the majority of the firm’s offices.

Mattern Assists an AmLaw 200 Firm Create New Cost Recovery Model to Recoup Charges for Litigation Support Solution

This AmLaw 200 firm with over 380 attorneys in seven office across Texas offered clients a full end-to-end litigation support solution that included collections, forensic analysis, early case assessment, data processing, document review, and production and trial presentation capabilities.Unfortunately, the firm’s hourly billing model stopped covering the true costs of litigation support services delivery, and the firm needed a new model to recoup overall costs for labor, infrastructure, and software while continuing to deliver first-class, market-leading service to clients.

Is GDPR a Hidden Information Governance Opportunity?

The struggle for most firms’ information governance programs has simply been getting off the fence and starting the ball rolling.  GDPR is an opportune catalyst.

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has increased the territorial scope of protection for personal data and privacy for EU residents.  Companies selling into, providing services to, or conducting online behavior monitoring of EU residents are now required to attain consent in a more transparent manner (privacy by design).

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