George Wolf and The Greg Wolf Fund – Generosity in Action

It is not often that in the course of business, or life for that matter, that one is struck by something that someone is doing that is so meaningful and “right” that it makes one step back and reflect. I had such a moment last night when I attended a fund raiser for the Greg Wolf Fund. The Greg Wolf Fund was established to commemorate the life of Gregory Joseph Wolf, by his family and friends.  At the age of 20, Greg was diagnosed with leukemia and later succumbed to the disease.  The mission of this fund is to honor Greg’s life as a “man for others,” and to perpetuate his generous spirit by giving back to the institutions and organizations that ultimately defined Greg’s life, in health, and in sickness.

My connection to this organization is through George Wolf, the Managing Director at Herrick Feinstein in New York City and Greg’s Father. George is a client but more importantly I count him as a mentor and a friend. I never had the opportunity to meet Greg but if he was like his Father, he was a remarkable human being. Instead of being bitter, George has turned Greg’s death into a remarkable charity event that is a tremendous testament to him.

What does this have to do with the support services and cost recovery? Nothing and everything.  If you would like to make a donation the website is

– Rob Mattern