Hartford, Conn.-Based Robinson & Cole’s Reduces Off-Site Copy and Litigation Support Spend by 80-85% with Mattern’s Help

Robinson & Cole LLP, a Hartford, Conn.-based law firm with eight offices in the Eastern U.S. and more than 240 attorneys,  recently came face-to-face with the fact that it needed to modernize and consider outsourcing its office services for the first time.

Robinson & Cole COO Nancy Hayes (photo below) noted that although many firms have been outsourcing office services for years, her firm historically preferred to have full-time employees to handle such duties as hand-delivering court documents, making copies and mail routing. Over time, it was becoming clear that keeping these services in-house was not really in sync with their desire to be an efficient, cost-effective firm.

Today, Mattern & Associates announced it has successfully completed a support services evaluation and outsourcing RFP project for Robinson & Cole. As a result of Mattern’s work on its behalf, Robinson & Cole (R&C) expects to save 22% from outsourcing office support services, and reduces its off-site copy and litigation support spend by 80-85%.

Nancy Hayes is the Chief Operation Officer of Robinson & Cole LLC.