A Heart Warmed Thank You. Here’s to a Very Happy Holiday and a Prosperous New Year!

As 2016 draws to a close and 2017 is on the horizon, I want to thank all of our clients, employees and vendors for our continued success. Without all the conjoined efforts, we would not be able to celebrate the best year Mattern & Associates has ever experienced.

To our employees: your hard work, patience with the boss, attention to detail and client dedication hold the fundamental reason for our success.

To our clients: your trust in us, patience to see the solutions through and the support you provide are essential to our achievements. We are grateful.

To the vendors who support both us and our clients: thank you for being part of the team that brings our cutting edge solutions to the market. We appreciate the ongoing commitment to making every situation better.

As we enter 2017, the challenges will continue; however, we look forward to continuing the good work, together as a team, and with the client’s best interest at heart.

Have a great holiday and a fantastic 2017.

Rob Mattern