Hemenway & Barnes LLP Leverages Current Equipment to Achieve 11% Savings

Opportunity: Based in Boston, Hemenway & Barnes LLP, a well-established firm with over 150 years in business, sought to renew the contract with its current support services provider, and wanted improved terms and staffing quality. With the coming expiration of its three-year agreement for on-site labor and its Multi-Function Device (MFD) fleet, the Firm’s operations team wanted a comprehensive solution to meet current and future needs, while maximizing savings.

Process: The Firm engaged Mattern to review their current outsourcing agreements and conduct on-site assessments of outsourced services. Based on Mattern’s findings and recommendations for increasing overall efficiency, the Firm created a customized Request for Proposal (RFP) that incorporated best practices and requirements for competitive contract terms with the current provider. In addition, Mattern created a separate, equipment-only RFP, which was distributed to multiple MFD providers.

Result: After reviewing several manufacturers and software solutions, the Firm decided to extend the labor and equipment agreement with its current service provider for two years, retaining existing on-site personnel and MFD fleet. It was determined that the equipment fleet, originally obtained under a three-year lease, still had substantial useful remaining life. The two-year extension offered the Firm significant bottom line savings, while retaining the Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and guarantees from the provider regarding maintenance and uptime.

The resulting extension agreement included:

  • Equipment replacement language (in the event of any equipment issues)
  • Elimination of non-solicitation penalties
  • Commitment to retain current Site Manager throughout the remainder of term
  • Improved penalties for failure to meet contractual staffing requirements

Through the Mattern review and assessment process the Firm could retain its MFD fleet and negotiate new terms for the contract extension, realizing a total cost savings of 11%.

“Under the new contract, we will continue working with our trusted service provider while lowering our costs, and have had the benefit of Mattern’s expertise to help us decide to retain our current MFD fleet while maintaining a high level of service with DTI’s personnel.”
Stephanie Hood, Executive Director, Hemenway & Barnes

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