“How to Get Out of the Hotel California of Off-site Records and Outsourcing Contracts”: Coffee Break

Has your firm ever been locked into a service provider relationship that it could not get out of because of prohibitive contract terms or the pain of a transfer from an underperforming service provider was too great?

Mattern consultants are experts at preventing your firm from getting into a poor performance situation and helping firms structure an “exit strategy” if you do so your firm can adapt to change—even if that change is with the same provider.

An “exit strategy” means your firm has the right flexibilities, terms and conditions in place so your firm can make a change when your business objectives change. Without these, you may find yourself feeling like you’re living at the Hotel California: “You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.”

Rob and Ben discuss outsourcing and off-site records strategies that avoid punitive terms in your contracts, and how your firm can get out if you do have these terms in your contracts today.

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