How to Handle Records Storage for a Successful Digital Transformation – Join our Webinar February 24th

Disruption is the forebear of opportunity.  As law firms look to 2021 and assess their opportunities, the advantages of the forced digital transformation of 2020 become clear:  real estate reduction savings, new flexible workflows that improve attorney experience, and leveraging digitization to bring new levels of efficiency and productivity.

In a law firm, a successful digital transformation will include these three areas:

  • A formally adopted Information Governance policy/retention schedule with a change management plan to ensure defensible disposition.
  • An upfront digital workflow to reduce the amount of paper being produced.
  • Offsite records storage contracts that enable you to destroy efficiently and cost-effectively.

Please join Mattern for, “How to Handle Records Storage for a Successful Digital Transformation,” at 12pm ET on Wednesday, February 24th

Mattern will provide expert insights addressing the challenge of on-site and off-site records, including:

  • Get out off-site records storage business in ten (10) years.
  • Develop an Information Governance policy with retention schedules.
  • Define digital pathway for converting paper records, and off-site records storage contracts that allow you to obtain this goal.   
  • Investigate the market.
  • Contract consolidation. 
  • Formulate a plan to digitize your upfront workflow so you are not producing paper to be stored.