Is Your eDiscovery Solution Providing Client Value?

Most firms are tasked with solving for exploding data sizes coupled with the need for a modern, secure review platform.  There are any number of service delivery options available on the market today, ranging from an in-house implementation with in-house resources to a complete 3rd party Managed Service (with any number of hybrid options in-between).  There is no right or wrong, only what works best for firm strategy.  However, the end-goal of a market-leading solution priced at competitive rates is certainly achievable.

As firms have retired legacy litigation support systems, newer systems have provided the necessary web-based access to address the mobile/global  workforce in a secure manner.  In addition to the change in platform, functionality changes include the use of text-based analytics to streamline the review process.  Analytics allows for the batching of related documents, email threading, grouping of near-duplicates, and the option of using Technology Assisted Review for decision application to like documents.  These platform and functionality characteristics are what makes a market-leading solution.

As for pricing, transactional (case-based) models have been available for over twenty years.  However, these models are no longer priced competitively with a firm that has justified an internal solution or has collectively pooled client spend in order to commit to a multi-year Managed Services spend with a 3rd party provider.  Thus, firms with legacy (non-web/non-analytics) or transaction-priced (e.g., $15 per GB per month data storage) solutions are no longer providing the optimal client value that is now expected.

What provides client value?

  • A solution that allows attorneys the most efficient and accurate review leading to better outcomes for clients.
  • A cost model that delivers savings over other service delivery options on the market.
  • Even better, a solution that allows the firm to recoup its solution costs while still delivering greater savings to the client. This results in a win/win for the firm and client.

Mattern works with law firms to assess their needs and adopt or migrate to the best strategy to meet firm needs.  Click here to read how we improved one firm’s eDiscovery recovery issue.

Whether your firm has solved this with an in-house solution, or with a third party provider, you need a solution that safeguards your client materials and effectively promotes manageable data sizes for attorney review.  With eDiscovery processes and costs increasingly visible to law firm clients, it’s important to make sure that your firm has the right strategy to deliver value.  If your firm is interested in learning more about how a different model can offer benefits and cost savings in this important area, please contact us to schedule a quick discussion.