Kofax Acquisition of Nuance and Your Firm’s Cost Recovery Options

Late last year, Mattern published the results of its 2018 Cost Recovery Survey.  Survey results showed a leveling off in the decline in net realization for most charge-back disbursements (e.g, copy, print, legal research, etc.).  With that said, many firms have antiquated charge-backs systems that are no longer under a support contract, do not support print recovery, or lack some of the modern workflow technology such as advanced image routing and follow-me print.  With the continuing need for a capture and workflow system, coupled with the competitive landscape in the cost recovery provider market, now may be the time to address the proper system that aligns with the firm’s day-forward strategy.

Earlier this year, we noted the acquisition of Nuance (makers of Copitrak, Equitrac, and eCopy) by the imaging leader Kofax.  This was presented to the market as allowing Nuance greater resources in the expansion of its imaging and workflow capabilities.  This was met by competitors such as nQueue with competitive take-away offers such as replacement systems for the price of current maintenance.  Additionally, systems such as Uniflow continue to gain market share in the all-in-one cost recovery and workflow space for law firms.

What does this mean for your firm?  The timing has never been better to create a competitive situation for the procurement of a modern system.  With the disruption in the market, several players are eager to put firms in their solutions knowing that workflow solutions will make them an indispensable part of any firm’s ongoing technology stack.  When there is this level of competition, firms benefit in pricing, terms, and customer service.  Ask Mattern if now might be the right time for you to reconsider your cost recovery and workflow needs.