Legal Management Coverage of Robinson & Cole Case Study

Times have certainly changed when it comes to managing office services at a law firm.  Robinson & Cole LLP (R&C) is a Hartford-based law firm with eight office in the Eastern United States with more than 240 attorneys.  The firm recently came face-to-face with the fact that it needed to modernize and consider outsourcing its office services for the first time.

Nancy Hayes is Chief Operations Officer at R&C.  Hayes notes that many firms have been outsourcing office services for years, but her firm historically preferred to have full-time employees to handle such duties as hand-delivering court documents, making copies and mail routing.  Over time, it was becoming clear that keeping these services in-house was not really in sync with their desire to be an efficient, cost-effective firm. “Robinson & Coles core business is the practice of law.  We were spending far too much time focusing on the management of the support services,” said Hayes.

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