How Many Hours for an RFP Process are needed to Get Good Terms and Pricing for Your Firm?

Some RFPs can demand 450 hours,
and you still might not achieve your goals.

When law firms pour over scores of pages in an RFP, meticulously clarifying contract terms and pricing, making corrections and edits, they often resolve that “next time” they’ll hire a consultant to run the process for them.

Considering that this process can last up to six months and involve over 450 person-hours, it’s an attractive and smart choice.  In addition, when teams finally complete this process for a single contract, there’s no way to guarantee that all of this effort is void of mistakes and you have maximized your savings.

Why not? 

It comes down to your team’s collective understanding of the RFPs specific—and often nuanced—needs, priorities, governing elements, target pricing and terms.  In short, what to look for, what to change and what to add to gain maximum advantage for your law firm.  Your team members are not fully-immersed in office supplies, offsite records, outsourcing, etc. 100% of their day—nor should they be.  Yet, your service providers certainly are—and they know how to craft a complex contract that will potentially place your firm at a disadvantage.

Leading firms are realizing that this approach is a mismatch of industry expertise—and can only result in a negative outcome for their firm.

That is why they are increasingly adopting another approach, one that keeps their teams focused on addressing client and internal needs day to day. They elect to bring in a subject matter expert who can go through the RFP in a fraction of the time and yet deliver significantly higher advantages.

Mattern is an example of this type of expertise.  Our approach has helped with over 400 projects for law firms and counting, and has consistently delivered cost savings, improved contract terms, and long term protection from downstream term modification.  Mattern represents a cost-effective, smart, goal-achieving option for law firms seeking efficient ways to process RFPs and focus their middle- and back-office personnel.

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