Mattern Joined BigHand for: “The Future of Administrative Support and How to Get There”

Administrative support services are broken, and the shift to hybrid operations has critically impacted this already troubled model—but what is the way forward? Firms need a plan from assessment through change management to re-tool, re-think, restructure and realign administrative support.

Rob Mattern, President of Mattern, joined Eric Wangler, President – North America, of BigHand for: “The Future of Administrative Support and How to Get There.”

BigHand’s workflow solutions help law firms deliver more efficient back-office services. By putting transparency into otherwise opaque processes, they help firms make data-led decisions on resource deployment, recruiting, training and structure. By getting the right work to the right team, with the right skills, at the right cost they help law firms improve outcomes for their clients.

Mattern helps firms assess the effectiveness of administrative support models, understand the data and apply it to restructure and realign administrative support services to optimize the business needs of law firms in a new, hybrid world.

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