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Welcome to Mattern Matters, the newsletter of Mattern. My name is Rob Mattern, and I am the founder and president.

In reviewing the contents of this newsletter, I can honestly say that it is probably the most well-rounded, informative edition we have ever put together. We start with a great article by Mattern Consultant, Nathan Curtis, IGP on administrative services and technology which highlights how the use and adoption of technology combined with the hybrid work environment has forced administrative services to change.

Next up are the results from our Administrative Flash Survey. How do you think firms rated themselves on the success of their re-structured administrative services? I think you will be surprised. Following the survey is an article discussing expense right-sizing that highlights some key areas that firms can adjust based upon the hybrid work environment and reduced attorney headcount. Expense right-sizing is not just merely cutting costs, it is strategically reducing expenses. Expense right-sizing is the difference between trying to get your lease payment lowered by arguing with your landlord and reducing real estate costs through digitization of onsite paper, reducing your real estate footprint resulting in lower costs.

We then conclude with two case studies. The first is an excellent example of a firm on their way out of off-site records storage made possible by having an excellent off-site contract in place and following their retention schedules. The second is a firm just beginning the journey that recognized they needed a plan (Information Governance policy and retention schedules) and an offsite contract that will allow them to destroy cost-effectively. One last thing……The wheels keep rolling. We are having a big spring on the speaking front with a slew of opportunities to hear the Mattern team speak:

  • May 23rd – Florida Records Management Association
  • May 31st – ARMA Austin Chapter
  • July 17th – ARMA Canada Information Conference
  • September 12th – ARMA Twin Cities Chapter

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Until the next time – keep the attitude of – “You are getting there. Always trying to get better.”