MFD Hard Drive Security and Your Firm’s Data Security Policy

Much has been written lately about the issue of the hard drives on discarded multi-functional units and the ability for third parties to retrieve documents after they have been discarded. In light of the recent press, many firms are taking a closer look at their data security policies and procedures. As we have stated in previous blog postings, there is little to be concerned of if you are dealing with a reputable dealer or manufacturer.

That being said, many of our clients have expressed a desire to have a more formal process in place or equip their equipment fleet with the necessary software to cleanse their hard-drives on a regular basis. If this is your firm’s desire, and Mattern & Associates was involved in the negotiation of your equipment or outsourcing contract please contact us and we will make the necessary arrangements to put these procedures in place.

It doesn’t matter how long ago these contracts were negotiated, or if you retained Mattern for Phase III – Monitoring and Maintenance. If we were involved, we will assist you in addressing this issue.

If you are interested in exploring your options, please contact Brady Schoenrock of Mattern & Associates at or 610-459-7750.