Nashville-based Firm Improves Outsourcing Workflow Efficiencies, Service and Equipment Capabilities: Achieves 51% Savings

Opportunity:  This 225 attorney, Nashville-based firm was looking to improve outsourcing workflow efficiencies, service level and increase equipment capabilities. The firm had been with its current outsourcing and equipment provider for over a decade and felt that the level of off-site management interaction and proactive presentation of strategic initiatives were minimal.

With the contract expiring, the incumbent vendor offered the firm a renewal proposal reducing the firm’s current costs by 21.5%; however, the firm had renewed with the incumbent vendor as a result of the previous expiration, and leadership was now interested in investigating the market to:

  • Learn what other vendors were providing in the outsourcing marketplace that could improve the quality of their  services as well as increase capabilities offered.
  • Understand whether the firm was staffed appropriately and paying market-based pricing.
  • Determine available options if the firm changed providers, and whether the firm would be able to maintain a significant number of outsourced staff members.

Solution:  The firm engaged Mattern & Associates to complete a comprehensive on-site assessment, create and manage a Request for Proposal (RFP) that would incorporate Mattern’s best practice recommendations, and negotiate a competitive, flexible, and firm-friendly contract.

Results: After reviewing the options provided by Mattern & Associates, the firm elected to change service providers for their outsourced services and equipment. The new agreement included:

  • Significantly improved terms and conditions – including those that require on-going communications with off-site management by the selected service provider
  • Workflow efficiencies and improved capabilities/service levels – resulting in a 37% reduction in staffing
  • Retention of all outsourced staff (via the new provider) except the new Site Manager
  • A new fleet of multi-function devices (MFDs) with increased color capabilities (to drive more color from printers to MFDs)
  • Equipment flexibility which provides the firm the ability to manage the fleet – right-size and eliminate equipment at will
  • Right-sized mail equipment
  • Penalty-based service level agreements
  • Elimination of non-solicitation and severance clauses

Overall, these new terms and conditions helped the firm achieve a cumulative savings of 51%.

Client Takeaway: “Firm realized promised cost savings.”

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