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Clients are under tremendous budgetary pressure, shifting work, bringing more commoditized work in-house and sending more work than ever before to alternative legal service providers.  The optimization of back-office services including cost-efficiency and productivity are vital.  Mattern is the leader in back office services consulting.  We can help you optimize your back and middle office expenses and prepare your firm for the increasingly competitive landscape ahead.

Multifunction Devices/Printers

By reducing the number of devices—consolidating printing, scanning, copying into a Multi-Functional Device (MFD)—reducing the number of different manufacturers, and improving the ratio of users-to-devices, your firm can achieve big savings in this must-have capacity—while also saving your attorneys valuable time.

Mattern specializes in helping law firms optimize their back-office efficiency. Our clients realize improved workflows that accommodate increased scanning, the need for color, and strategies for associated expense recovery — all resulting in significant output and input cost reductions and increased client and end-user satisfaction.

Managed Print Services

Mattern helps law firms take a holistic approach to their output (copy, print and scan) needs.  Historically, multi-function devices (MFDs) and desktop printers were purchases made in silos, without consideration to overall footprint or the ability to distribute print across the entire fleet of devices.  This has led to excess capacity, a varying cost-to-print model that was difficult to budget, multiple maintenance contracts, and an overall inefficient workflow. 

Mattern’s decades of experience helps firms address this overcapacity and new operational workflow by developing a thorough, strategic, and flexible plan that works for today’s hybrid workforce.

Supplies Management

Over 70% of firms do not get competitive proposals when their office contracts expire, overlooking the significant savings that can be achieved with just a few adjustments in pricing, improved terms and strategies. Instead, firms rely on the pricing structures of their current vendor. The result is leaving significant dollars on the table for these firms.

Mattern helps firms negotiate office supplies contracts to achieve favorable terms that deliver savings and protect the firm over the long term, and typically results in savings up to 40%. 


Mattern assists firms with establishing the most efficient and cost-effective solutions for reprographics (copy, print and scan) which includes analysis of the current situation, recommendations to improve efficiencies and cost effectiveness, lease and service level negotiations, implementation and ongoing contract compliance, monitoring and maintenance. 

For labor, Mattern conducts a full assessment of a firm’s current workflow and provides recommendations on proper staffing and cost-effective efficiencies. We will help develop and implement service level agreements to ensure your firm fully benefits from the service provider’s agreement.

Litigation Support/e-Discovery 

Mattern provides the industry’s only unbiased approach to your firm’s e-Discovery and litigation support charge-back models, powered by the industry’s only benchmarking of this service area. The first step in optimizing your e-Discovery and Litigation Support recovery model is to know how you compare—and to know how in-house services compare to the crowded market of providers. With Mattern on your side, firm recoveries increase on average by 35%.

Mattern also assists firms with transforming litigation support departments from cost centers to revenue-generating centers by conducting a full assessment of current workflows, benchmarking chargeback rates and models against industry peers, while helping firms determine whether in house, outsourced, or hybrid e-Discovery and litigation support solutions will deliver the most value. After a comprehensive analysis, and if it’s determined that outsourcing these services will yield the best recovery solution, Mattern manages the Request for Proposal process and negotiates terms and conditions that bring the most cost-effective labor and technology solution today while ensuring our clients remain competitive tomorrow.

Mail Processing

Mattern helps firms analyze and develop the most efficient process for mail delivery.

Due to the variety of ways people work today, digital mail can enhance delivery, ongoing ease of access, reduce storage costs, and improve information governance compliance to meet the needs of today’s worker whether reporting to an office or working remotely.  Converting paper-based mail documents into an electronic format and sending them to the recipient via email, network share folder or document management system.


Mattern assists firms with establishing the most efficient and cost effective solutions for courier and messenger services. Mattern helps firms assess and develop key efficiencies of pick up and mail delivery, courier packages, processing of outbound mail, coordinating overnight courier services and local messenger providers.


Mattern assists firms with finding the most efficient and cost-effective solution to hospitality services, while improving end user satisfaction through a strategic allocation of administrative services. We help firms with realigning Office Services/Hospitality/Facilities staff with current required skill sets to support a firm’s direction and expectations.