Offsite records storage: If possession is 9/10ths of the law, you better have the law on your side

Off-site records storage contracts is an area where the right decisions now can result in significant, short-term savings as well as improve the firm’s position in the long term.  So, no better time than now when 2014 budgeting is on the table, to wrangle with this area in your firm’s expenses.

When negotiating with your off-site records storage vendors, Joe Grubb, our Director of Operations at Mattern & Associates advises a “Tell, don’t ask” policy.   That is, negotiate from the starting point of defining your firm’s unique set of needs and your firm’s best interests—otherwise, the vendor will define those for you.

This was one of the strategies discussed in today’s webinar featuring, “Off-site Records Storage Contracts—The Black Hole for Law Firms.”  What might those terms be?  Rob Mattern joined Joe today and discussed some of the specifics that, on average, result in a 26% reduction in Mattern’s clients’ monthly off-site records storage costs and reduce their permanent withdrawal fees by 43%.

In general, law firms are looking to stabilize, reduce and ideally eliminate their off-site storage of records.  Today’s webinar discussed concrete strategies for firms looking to achieve this by:

  • Driving the RFP process with industry benchmarks to optimize terms and conditions
  • Structuring the agreement to avoid common pitfalls
  • Managing the contract on an ongoing basis

For detailed case studies, have a look at this case study on what Mattern did for this AmLaw 200 firm.   And if you missed today’s webinar and would like to know more, please email Lisa Schneider at  We will be pleased to send it to you directly.

We look forward to hearing from you.