If operational excellence is the goal, strategic expense management should be in your toolkit

“The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do.”  Michael Porter, Bishop William Lawrence University Professor and leading authority on competitive strategy

If your firm is not interested in increasing operational efficiencies in your back office, driving value from your vendor relationships, and having a comprehensive understanding of the impact of cost recovery strategies on the bottom line, then your firm may not need strategic expense management.

However, if it is the opposite, and your firm strives to stay ahead of the curve by continuous drive toward operational excellence, we invite you to Rob Mattern’s recent publications and ALA sponsored podcast on strategic expense management.

Firms understand that the world has changed and that re-examining cost, and cost structure are of critical importance.  But how many firms have responded successfully to changes in the financial markets and the new economic demands of their clients; how many have stayed their usual course, and struggling to manage costs, improve services to their end users, and recapture lost cost recovery revenue.

Mattern & Associates is constantly expanding our strategic thinking about your firm’s expense management decision processes, generating creative solutions to improve both long term strategy, cost-effectiveness and cost recovery to positively impact your bottom line and overall operations.Click here to listen to Rob Mattern’s Legal Management Talk podcast, or read Rob’s latest Legal Management article, “Six Business Strategies for the C Suite” here and gain powerful insight about the future your firm’s strategic direction on these topics and more:

• Strategic Expense Management is more than just a pricing game. Leverage RFP processes, cost recovery strategies, and more

• Alternative methodologies of cost recovery have been implemented successfully at peer firms

• Concrete examples of how a firm can drive top line revenue as a value-added benefit through the Request for Proposal process

• Top strategies for reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses your firm can implement today

• How to successfully future-proof your contract.