Participate in The 2021 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey!

The pandemic has directed law firm professionals into home office workspaces constructing a new operational model. As the majority of firms announce hybrid models of in-office and at-home operations, it is clear that the home office operation will have an ongoing impact on firms’ overall costs.

Many firms have been coming to Mattern, inquiring about the impact of hybrid operations on how firms will recover costs. 

Will firms recover costs from home office devices?

Will firms continue to absorb cybersecurity costs—despite market trends showing these expenses will triple in the next two years--or will there be a shift to recovery?

As the undisputed leader in law firm cost recovery strategies for the past two decades, we are pleased to take the lead and gather the data to help the market understand firms’ position on cost recovery post-COVID. 

We invite you to participate in The 2021 Cost Recovery and Hybrid Law Firm Operations Survey, a brief, 7 question survey focusing on firms’ go-forward strategies for cost recovery and cybersecurity costs.  

The Survey investigates both soft cost and hard cost recoveries and will include questions such as where firms intend or don’t intend to recover costs (i.e. home output versus in-office output) or whether firms will let go of this significant revenue stream.

Only participants will receive the full results, but the great news is that participants will acquire this data just as firms are heading into budget seasons.

We are proud to consistently provide the thought leadership that our law firm partners and the industry need.  As law firm operations change, Mattern’s expertise provides the insights to make great decisions.  We look forward to providing those valuable insights here for our law firm partners.