Pierce Atwood Turns Again to Mattern to Assist with Incumbent Outsourcing Renewal and Achieves 17% Savings

Pierce Atwood Turns Again to Mattern to Assist with Incumbent Outsourcing Renewal and Achieves 17% Savings 2021-07-11T18:40:04+00:00

Pierce Atwood LLP is a multi-service law firm based in New England with over 160 attorneys in six offices in the northeast U.S. The firm utilized Mattern in the past to complete a competitive request for proposal process for their outsourcing services.  Pleased with the process and the results, Pierce approached Mattern at the expiration of the current contract to negotiate a renewal with the incumbent service provider. 

The firm had three main objectives in this engagement:

  • Cost reduction
  • Improved contract terms
  • A firmwide headcount/workflow analysis to identify areas of improvement 

The firm’s outsourced services include centralized reprographics, mail, shipping, and records imaging in two of the offices along with reception back up.   The agreement also includes multi-function device (MFD) equipment in six offices and reprographic binding equipment in two of the Service Centers.

While the incumbent provider was meeting and oftentimes exceeding client expectations, with the upcoming expiration,it was an ideal time to revisit workflows and technology.  Mattern’s focus was to determine whether the most efficient service delivery model was employed and how labor could be reallocated to activities to help with digitization and records management efforts.  The engagement also involved remapping MFD equipment based on recent volume trends.


After Mattern’s comprehensive headcount/workflow analysis and comparison using the Mattern Method proprietary benchmarks, a plan was recommended that projected savings of 16% with several process improvements. Some key points of the analysis included:

  • Headcount reduction commensurate with declining service volumes
  • Staggered shifts to maximize efficiency
  • Reduce mail runs
  • Eliminate black and white production multi-function devices (MFD’s) in multiple offices
  • Retain color MFDs receiving the bulk of Service Center volume
  • Eliminate low volume convenience MFDs in multiple offices
  • Right-size the remainder of the fleet
  • Implement batch print technology to automate printing
  • Streamline the eBates labeling process and deepen the skill set in Office Services
  • Assume closed file indexing to support administrative assistants
  • Utilize slow periods to fulfill closed file activities and records imaging

Mattern worked with the firm to draft a “Closed”* Request for Proposal (RFP) with targeted pricing,  terms and a plan to address the updated requirements.   Mattern presented the RFP to the incumbent service provider and began negotiations.  After 4 months, a new contract was approved by the Firm and implemented.


Mattern was able to secure a solid contract for Pierce Atwood’s outsourced services and multi-functional devices, technology, and workflow.  The majority of Mattern’s recommendations were implemented – which resulted in a savings of 17%.

These recommendations resulted in:

  • Decreased staffing expense while maintaining current headcount to support expanded services
  • Staggered staff hours to accommodate peak hours of operation
  • Reduced number of daily sweeps to reallocate labor to expanding records filing and digital conversion
  • Implemented batch printing technology in Service Centers
  • Eliminated redundant and low volume MFDs
  • Right-sized balance of MFD fleet, maximizing utilization of each device
  • Credits/Performance penalties for failure to meet contract terms and missed Service Level Agreements

Note: *The Closed RFP is a Mattern developed process that offers the incumbent vendor an opportunity to renew an existing contract with client-approved pricing and terms.