Put this on your do list: Do join Mattern Webinar “Strategic Expense Management” on Wed, June 25 12 EST

“Strategy is what you do, not what you say,” author and academic director Roger Martin

Mattern was proud to be a sponsor of the fourth annual PwC Law Firm Services Global Forum held in New York where Rob Mattern also delivered an educational session on strategic expense management—a session focused on concrete strategies firms can ‘do’ and implement today that will yield both the short term and long term benefits.

At Mattern, what we do’is capture significant cost savings and operational efficiencies through custom analyses, the industry’s most comprehensive benchmarks, incorporate cost recovery to positively impact the bottom line, and generate strategic solutions to improve the back office in the long and short terms.

In addition to the importance of what we do, however, is how we do it—and how we do it is to deliver value in each engagement that exceeds cost savings, from educating the marketplace on best practices to delivering that expertise as an ongoing resource to our clients.

Please ‘do’ join us on Wednesday, June 25th at 12pm EST for our webinar, “Strategic Expense Management.”

We think if your firm is interested in increasing operational efficiencies in your back office, driving value from your vendor relationships, and having a comprehensive understanding of the impact of cost recovery strategies on the bottom line, then you will walk away with strategies you can implement at your firm today.

This webinar will cover:

  • Defining strategic expense management and differentiating it from mere pricing exercises
  • How to take into account top line revenue ramifications – potential new business intake and cost recovery revenue
  • Why contract terms mandate flexibility, assumption, performance reporting—and most importantly, monitoring
  • The significance and rise of alternative service delivery models
  • Whether and how to future proof your contracts

To attend the webinar on Wednesday, June 25th, please email Lisa Schneider atlschneider@matternassoc.com for the registration link.

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