Records and Information Governance

Records and Information Governance 2023-10-05T13:59:32+00:00

The importance of information governance, records management and firms’ digitization strategies cannot be overstated as we move into a decade of rapid transformation, one made even more complex in a world where work is increasingly distributed.

As law firms likewise look forward to a world with more distributed workforces, firms have large opportunities for real estate reduction and technology enabled workflows that will make them more competitive against the rising sector of alternative legal service providers (ALSPs).  These opportunities cannot be fully leveraged without addressing how we interact with the paper that moves our businesses. 

Mattern helps firms prepare for the future of opportunities by helping them get out of the offsite records storage business in ten (10) years and developing an Information Governance policy complete with retention schedules.

Offsite Records Storage

Mattern is widely regarded as the industry expert for helping firms strategically transform records operations.  Mattern creates a competitive situation, to result in a best-in-class contract that allows the firm to reduce costs, manage the service provider relationship effectively, implement IG policy and retention schedules, and realize a strategy to get out of offsite records forever.

Records Management

Mattern assists firms with improving their access to information. As firms try to navigate from their reliance on hard copy records to “paperless” or “paper light,” Mattern helps firms build an Information Governance policy that incorporates a strategy for reducing their firm’s paper footprint by digitizing records wherever possible and refraining from sending new paper off-site with the end goal of getting out of the off-site records business.  

Information Governance

Mattern’s certified information governance experts help firms align electronic and physical data to create and implement the governance policies and processes to win control over client data, remain trusted stewards to clients, ensure compliance, mitigate risk and lowers costs.

Our process includes creating a data map and documenting user workflow for electronic records, limiting the creation of new paper, and developing a defensible plan to cost-effectively purge electronic and physical holdings per policy.