Get the Pricing You Deserve on Legal Office Supplies

Get the Pricing You Deserve on Legal Office Supplies 2020-07-22T17:29:32+00:00

Over 70% of firms do not get competitive proposals when their office contracts expire, overlooking the significant savings that can be achieved with just a few adjustments in pricing, improved terms and strategies.  Instead, firms rely on the pricing structures of their current vendor.   The result is leaving significant dollars on the table for these firms.

Be one of the 30% who doesn’t settle for the status quo.  This is an easy win.

Mattern helps firms negotiate office supplies contracts to achieve favorable terms that deliver savings and protect the firm over the long term, and typically results in savings up to: 40%

Our method and benchmarks get you better pricing, improved services and contract terms. Our process includes: 

  • A current-state assessment of your office supply ordering and inventorying processes
  • Costs and contractual terms benchmarked to peers of similar size
  • Recommendations for leveraging purchasing spend and buying behaviors to reduce costs
  • A customized and Mattern-managed office supplies RFP (Request For Proposal)
  • A firm-friendly contract that includes an achievable targeted spend, on-line ordering capability, penalty-based service level agreements (SLA), and incentives, rebates and discounts that encourage further cost savings
  • Implementation oversight and contract monitoring (for compliance and committed delivery) for the term of your Agreement

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Let Mattern help your firm improve its office supplies pricing and term. Start here.