Spring 2021 Mattern Matters


Hi, my name is Rob Mattern and welcome to the Spring, 2021 edition of Mattern Matters, the newsletter of Mattern.

At the writing of the fall newsletter editorial at the end of 2020, I along with everyone else, was hoping that 2021 was going to be an improvement over 2020—which, admittedly, was a low bar to put into place.  Well, I’m pleased to say it seems like things are looking up – the vaccine is being rolled out, places are opening, travel is picking up, etc. There is still a lot of work to be done, but we are getting there, and for that we extend our gratitude.

On the Mattern front, things are certainly happening. 

How to Handle Records for a Successful Digital Transformation

Law firms have a lot of opportunities ahead of them in 2021, and there is a lot of industry buzz about digital transformation as that game changer.
Opportunities for significant real estate reduction and technology enabled workflows that can profoundly transform efficiency and productivity may top the list, but these opportunities cannot be fully optimized without addressing how law firms interact with paper records. 
What is your firm doing about records?

What is the Future of Administrative Services?

If the last year during the pandemic taught us anything, it is that law firms must be flexible in how they support a remote workforce, that they are more open than ever to embrace alternative ways for providing services to them now – and when a good percentage of staff return to the offices. 

Firms will need to provide attorneys with efficient workflow systems that will allow them to properly direct tasks that require lower skill sets, less training, and lower wages to the right person – and the right cost to the firm.

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Spotlight on Kyle Reese

Every newsletter, we like to put the spotlight on one of our experts here at Mattern.  This spring, we’re pleased to put the spotlight on Kyle Reese, the newest Consultant to join Matter.

Kyle Reese, MBA, IGP, is a Lean Six Sigma Green Belt with over 14 years of experience developing leading solutions supporting all aspects of law firms’ back and middle office and administrative services.

Welcome, Kyle! 

We interviewed Kyle on his expertise and successes. Learn more about Kyle’s exceptional skills here.

Mattern Helps Woods Rogers Find a Way Out of Prohibitive Off-site Storage Contract at No Cost to the Firm

With over 115 attorneys, Woods Rogers PLC is one of the largest law firms in Virginia. The firm’s leadership was stymied to find a solution to remedy the agreement and discussed the situation with Mattern. After reviewing the firm’s goals, Mattern recommended Woods Rogers conduct a competitive Request for Proposal (RFP) process.       

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Pierce Atwood Turns Again to Mattern to Assist with Incumbent Outsourcing Renewal and Achieves 17% Savings

Pierce Atwood LLP is a multi-service law firm based in New England with over 160 attorneys in six offices in the northeast U.S. The firm utilized Mattern in the past to complete a competitive request for proposal process for their outsourcing services.  Pleased with the process and the results, Pierce approached Mattern at the expiration of the current contract to negotiate a renewal with the incumbent service provider. 

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Why “Truly Unbiased” Is Important When Choosing a Consultant 

What is the value of hiring a consultant?  Clearly, we think about this question a lot.  Ostensibly, the value of a consultant is to bring industry-wide expertise and an in-depth knowledge to an area.  The consultant leverages that expertise and experience, ensures the firm’s chosen solution is implemented, and maximizes the success of the firm’s business objective.   

Mattern stands apart in the marketplace, not only for our expertise and experience, but because we are truly unbiased. We offer an independent and unbiased counsel, and keep the firm’s best interests front and center, period.  

This is the Mattern way. We invite you to learn more about how Mattern has engaged with our clients for nearly 25 years by watching this 2-minute video.

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