Strategic Expense Management and Law Firm Staffing Trends

The Western Law Firm Leaders kicks off its inaugural session today at The Standard Club in San Francisco.

This educational series focuses on both the most up-to-date trends impacting the legal industry, and most importantly, delivering concrete strategies for implementing successful solutions by the industry’s top experts.

Rob Mattern is pleased to be leading one of the key roundtable discussions at this kick-off event.  At Mattern & Associates we are constantly thinking of ways to optimize workflow and headcount as part of our larger goal of expanding strategic thinking about your firm’s expense management decision processes.

According to the just released ALM Legal Intelligence white paper, “Finding the Right Balance: Non-attorney Law Firm Staffing Trends”, in a survey conducted during January and February 2014, law firms are pulling back from their focus on shrinking staff.  Instead, they are focused on “staff optimization” to enhance productivity and profits.

As law firms adjust expectations to a foreseeable future of flat revenue and modest gains in demand, we agree it is time to dig deeper into expense management and incorporate strategic thinking beyond the diminishing course of action of headcount reduction.

Rob’s session today at 1:20pm, “Strategic Expense Management”, will focus on:

  • Strategic expense management, not just a pricing exercise
  • Taking into account top line revenue ramifications – potential new business intake and cost recovery revenue
  • Contract terms mandate flexibility, assumption, performance reporting—and most importantly, monitoring
  • The rise of alternative service delivery models
  • Future proofing your contracts

To learn more about the Western Law Firm Leaders including registration, time, and a detailed agenda, click here.