Team Member Spotlight: Jodi Carroll, Director of Client Services

Q. What do clients like best about working with you?

A. I am responsive, thorough, prepared, have exceptional follow-up – and work hard at listening to their needs.

Q. What is unique and valuable about your expertise?

A. I have 30+ years of experience in both consulting and selling strategic solutions for law firms' back and middle office 

Jodi Carroll, MBA
Director of Client Services 

operations. I am organized, disciplined, detailed oriented and have strong analytical skills. I am always focused on creating cost-effective solutions while being mindful of both the advantages and disadvantages.

Q. What are some successes you are most proud of and why?

A. I work alongside our consultants on every project – and each project brings a different set of opportunities and challenges. Of course, I’m most proud of the projects we work on in which creative solutions to overcome a challenging situation are offered, adopted and successfully implemented.

Q. Desert island book?

A. A great mystery or thriller book with a tad of humor -- any Harlan Coben book!

Q. Tell us about one of Mattern’s recent successes that you were involved in.

A. Mattern was handling the outsourcing request for proposal for a Midwest firm that also included on-site digital and e-Discovery services. After analyzing the situation, we recommended unbundling this area from the base contract and turning it into a hard cost, transactional-based, standalone unit utilizing the Mattern Plan B Cost Recovery™ model.

We were able to reduce the client’s expenses by 28% and increase the recovery of these costs.