The Mattern Method®:  Built for the Future

We are pleased to release our second installment of The Mattern Method®: Built for the Future.

The consultants of Mattern & Associates are proud to lead the changing business demands of today’s legal market, including updating our industry classic, The Mattern Method, originally released in print in 2007.

The new, revised version, is being serialized and delivered electronically:  The Mattern Method®:  Built for the Future. New Strategies for Today and Success in Tomorrow’s Legal Market, and delivers an unbiased review of how firms should be structuring their back offices to make them the most cost-effective and efficient in today’s environment and to optimally position themselves for the future.

In the recently released second chapter, “Going to Market Benefits Both Parties,” we highlight the benefits to both the vendor and the client of seeking open competitive proposals before renewing a contract.

The benefit to the client is apparent – improved pricing and terms; however, one issue that typically comes up is the fear of changing vendors and the issues that accompany that transition.

Transitioning vendors is obviously a legitimate concern because so many vendors do not manage it well. However, do not let fear of change stop you from getting competitive– it is simply putting the cart way before the horse.  You may not even change vendors at the end of the process, but you will be in a much better situation.

If you do elect to change vendors, transitions can be managed so the end user impact is minimal; we see this every day as we manage more than 30 a year in all areas of the back office:  offsite records, outsourcing, equipment, printers, etc.

Don’t let the fear of a transition stop you from getting what your firm needs – improved savings, operations, pricing, terms and service.