Thought Leadership Event: “The Post-Pandemic Law Firm: Frameworks for Success”

Getting the return-to-office right and creating an attractive hybrid model are top challenges law firms are facing going into 2023 and the way forward is unclear–especially given other pressures including the ongoing heated battle for talent, the rising cost of doing business, and the need to achieve continued growth.

How can firms succeed when the challenges are unprecedented?

Chief Innovation Officer Penn Carey Law, Jennifer Leonard,  joined partners Mattern, Forrest Solutions Legal, and Maptician for “The Post-Pandemic Law Firm: Frameworks for Success”.

Jennifer advances educational and thought leadership projects that integrate an evolving understanding of the skills and knowledge lawyers need to thrive in a rapidly changing professional landscape, teaches Modern Law Firm Business Strategy, a course that explores the many trends contributing to an unprecedented era of change in the legal industry, and also teaches Innovation in Practice: Design Thinking for Legal Professionals, an experiential class that teaches how a powerful problem-solving frameworks can generate new solutions to legal service delivery challenges.

In this session, Jennifer discussed several modalities of impacting law firms post-pandemic as well as engaged attendees in an interactive frameworks session to ideate successful strategies for the future. Specifically, Jen shared:

• Research-based insights on cross-industry trends impacting law firms
• Cultural challenges for law firms in responding to these challenges
• Opportunities for firms and service providers to innovate toward better client service solutions
• Frameworks for approaching innovation with intention and strategy

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