Things to consider for a Multi-functional RFP

For a possible upcoming Request for Proposal (RFP) project to procure multi-functionals for an AMLAW 50 law firm, the firm’s CAO asked Mattern & Associates to put together a list of things to consider in advance of sending out an RFP. I thought it was an excellent first step in starting a project such as this, and decided to share them here.

1. What is the Firm’s position on the recovery of costs (chargeback)?

As Stephen Covey states in his book – “The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People®”  – begin with the end in mind. To effectively choose and place your equipment, you must take into account what you will be able to charge back to your clients and get paid for.

2. What do End users want in regards to color output and black & white and color scan capabilities?

Based on every end user survey, interview and focus group we conduct, end users are begging for access to more color output and black & white and color scanning. Does this apply to your firm?

3. Should I standardize equipment and software platforms across all offices, even my international offices?

In order to drive the most cost-effective and competitive deal, minimize administrative headaches and standardize the end user experience across all offices, we recommend that the firm choose a common equipment platform and workflow solution.

4. How should I structure my contract?

In this economic time, every equipment contract should contain flexible language to allow you to add, delete, upgrade and downgrade equipment at any time during the contract without penalties, early buyouts or liquidated damages.

5. Should I take into account my other input/output devices when I select and place the multi-functional devices?

Yes – even though the responsibilities for these devices are usually cross departmental – when choosing speed and capabilities for your MFDs, local and network printers should be taken into account with the idea to minimize overall placements.