Webinar Opportunity: “Cost Recovery Strategy in 2019”

2019 is setting itself up to be a successful year for law firms. As your firm plans its 2019 expense strategy and budgets, you need to know the best path forward for cost recovery—and that path is paved with fresh data.

The great news is, the 2018 Mattern Cost Recovery Survey results are in!

Will your firm continue with its current strategy or modify in light of 2018 data?

Join company President, Rob Mattern, and Director of Strategy and Client Technology, Stephen Cole, for this live webinar broadcast on Thursday, December 13th at 12pm ET.  Rob and Stephen will provide insights from the Survey, including:

  • Key metrics from traditional and alternative cost recovery models
  • Results discussing the increased aggressiveness for modern areas of recovery such as scans, prints, and litigation support/eDiscovery costs and more…
  • Forecasting the future for successful cost recovery strategies