Webinar Recording: Maximizing Cost Recovery for In-house Litigation Support/eDiscovery

Is your firm recovering costs or writing them off for your in-house litigation support/eDiscovery services?

During the distribution of the 2016 Mattern & Associates Cost Recovery Survey, a recurring question Mattern frequently received, was why firms are not able to effectively recover the costs for in-house litigation support/eDiscovery services?

These potentially billable hours were either never charged to a client/matter number or just charged to overhead. Why is there such a hesitancy to charge for these internally generated soft costs?  Are there firms successfully recovering these costs?

Please join Stephen Cole, Director of Client Technology & Strategy for this live webinar, Wednesday, March 22nd at 12pm ET, for:

“Maximizing Cost Recovery for In-House Litigation Support/eDiscovery.”

Stephen will address the current state of recovery for in-house litigation support/eDiscovery services, why the write-offs happen, how to prevent them, and most importantly, how firms can position these services properly in order to maximize recovery these costs and reduce the drain on overhead.

We hope you join us for this live discussion which promises to help you move towards a successful future.

If you missed this webinar and you’d like to watch the recording, email info@matternassoc.com for access.