Webinar Opportunity: Should Your Firm Say “Yes” to Cost Recovery in 2018?

In this Law Journal Newsletters article, we predict that the greatest obstacle to an improved recovery strategy in 2018 as mostly ‘internal.’

More attorneys every year are writing off billable costs before they reach the invoice—while charges paid by clients have remained stable, year over year—in the high 80% realization range.

What are the ‘true’ obstacles for a successful cost recovery strategy at your firm and on what data will you base that strategy?

Join Stephen Cole, Director of Client Technology & Strategy and Rob Mattern, President at 12:00 EST on March 21st for the webinar –

“Should Your Firm Say “Yes” to Cost Recovery in 2018?”

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This webinar will focus on the current state of legal cost recovery and discuss what trends and insights will be revealed in the 2018 cost recovery survey currently underway, including:

  • The current and projected state of litigation support and eDiscovery cost recovery
  • Are hard costs still producing the results they have in the past?
  • Print and scan – how are firms handling these growth areas?
  • Legal research – is it still an opportunity?
  • Net realization – is an expanded pool of recovery adding more dollars to the bottom line?

We hope you can join us!