Welcome to Mattern of Fact

Hi my name is Rob Mattern and I am the founder and President of Mattern & Associates, LLC, the consulting firm which is the driving force behind Mattern of Fact.

Our intent in creating this blog is to provide an unbiased, fair and lively forum for discussions involving industry vendors, clients and the general legal community.  We encourage our readers to provide feedback on support service issues in a constructive format to create greater awareness of these issues, for the benefit of all parties involved.

A special Thank You to all parties involved in creating this blog, including Burke & Company, our internal marketing group and our operational consulting team. You have done a tremendous job.

Hopefully a year from now when we look back on the first year of Mattern of Fact, we will have retained, if not doubled, our enthusiasm and fostered a great deal of healthy debate in the process.  I have a hunch that this will indeed be the case.

Thank you, and welcome to Mattern of Fact!