What is the Impact of COVID-19 on the Future of Your Administrative Services?

The majority of attorneys like working from home and want to continue doing so, even when proper safety measures have been put in place.  Firms are taking a hard look at a long term, distributed workforce and putting into consideration dramatic cost savings that could be captured via real estate reduction. 

What are the opportunities for your firm’s operations? One vital consideration will be the future of your firm’s administrative services.

Join Mattern for a live webinar discussion of “New Normal” considerations for administrative services on Wednesday, September 16th at 12pm ET, including how firms can restructure their administrative operations to be more efficient, more cost-effective, and more flexible.

Key questions that will be discussed:

  • What factors should be considered in moving forward under the new normal?
  • Should your firm examine whether outsourcing certain functions or the centralization of services in low cost locations make sense?
  • How do you service the new “at home” segment of your population in the long term so they are not impacted? 
  • What do you do with your current centralized services going forward?
  • Your overequipped with MFDs and Printers – what do you do now?