What Is Your Firm Leaving on the Table?

Is your firm achieving its highest possible, overall net billable realization?  And, equally important, do you have the necessary benchmark information to actually know the answer to that question?  With a flat revenue projection and expenses as a percentage of revenue on the rise, these are important questions to answer.

The only thing we like more than important questions at Mattern & Associates are concrete answers.  To that end, we’re pleased to let you know that Rob Mattern will be delivering some answers as one of the featured speakers at the ALA Financial Management Conference to be held in downtown Los Angeles this August 22-24th.

Chief Financial Officer of Barack Ferrazzano Kirschbaum & Nagelberg LLP and event organizer, Alan Goldman, remarked, “Rob has been a speaker at several ALA conferences in the past few years and we are thrilled to have him presenting at this year’s Financial Management Conference.“

Here are some details–

Session Description
The traditional model of cost recovery is the method that approximately 99% of firms still employ where firms capture on-site costs through a cost recovery system with a pre-set charge for copies, facsimiles, etc.  However, according to the results of the Mattern & Associates 2012 Survey, only a few firms do this well.  In this session, Rob Mattern details how to implement a successful, long term cost recovery program by profiling a top AmLaw firm’s best practices as well as other trends revealed in the 2012 Cost Recovery Survey such as successful alternative methodologies implemented at other firms—and the methodology for the highest, overall net billable realization.

If you are attending the conference we look forward to seeing you. If you are not and would like to discuss your cost recovery strategy please contact Lisa Schneider at  lschneider@matternassoc.com.