“Wit” or “Wit-out”?

In Philadelphia, we order our cheese-steaks “wit” or “wit-out” onions.

Is your click rate “wit” or “wit-out”?  Paper that is.  Do you have paper included in the per click rate of your outsourced copier agreement?  Or do you purchase paper on your own for use in the outsourced copiers?

When an outsource vendor includes paper in their per click rate, firms do not have to manage their paper inventory for duplicating.  The click rate is all inclusive; service, maintenance and supplies. The outsourced vendor will reconcile the monthly usage against the inventory and charge the firm for any excess paper as a line item.

When paper is not included in a vendor’s click rate, it allows the firm to “shop around” for paper. Firms can purchase paper directly from paper houses or from their office supply vendor.  When adding the paper volume to the firm’s office supply annual spend, the firm can benefit from deeper discounts based on increased annual spend.

There are benefits to both scenarios. Weigh your options before you order, “wit” or “wit-out”.