DLA Piper Sets the Green Bar High- As Covered in Managing Partner Magazine

In the December/January issue of Managing PartnerMagazine (wwwmpmagazine.com) which is hot off the presses, Mattern & Associates’ consultant Brady Schoenrock co-authors an article with DLA Piper sustainability experts Elaine Radford and Jeff Harper to talk about DLA’s initiatives for sustainability and to raise the point that “going green” has real bottom-line benefits that go beyond being a good Samaritan.  The article is available to Managing Partner subscribers and can be found here: https://tinyurl.com/35l27tg.

To quote from the article, “DLA Piper has set the global standard for law firms, taking corporate responsibility very seriously. There are four main areas that the DLA Piper Global Sustainability Initiative addresses: Energy, Waste/Recycling, Travel and Procurement.  Incorporating advice from experts such as support services consultants Mattern & Associates, the firm has aggressively mandated changes in these areas which have resulted in massive cost savings for the firm.  Long-term, sustainability is a money-saver, and there is real evidence to support this fact.”

For more information about green and sustainability strategies for your law firm, especially from an operations or support servicespoint of view, e-mail Brady at bschoenrock@matternassoc.com.