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Is Mattern Right for Your Firm?

No two law firms are alike.  Each has a unique footprint and culture comprised of one or more office locations with attorneys, partners, administrators and support staff keeping things running smoothly.  The larger the organization, the more complex the technology environment within it.  More staff, more computers, more printers, scanners, supplies—and more vendors playing a variety of supporting roles to assist the firm, each with contracts that outline how they’ll work with your firm.

Reach out to us to explore any of the suggested first-steps below and let's explore whether, and how, Mattern can help your unique firm.

Mattern is Ideal When...

While the right fit for Mattern is really found through an exploratory discussion where we can help constructively identify potential opportunities to collaborate, there are some leading indicators that might suggest that a firm would be ideally placed to benefit from Mattern’s offering.

If your firm has:

  • More than 75 attorneys
  • Multiple locations
  • Multiple service providers serving the same area
    (for example, multiple offsite records vendors)
  • Not looked at costs, terms or workflow in more than 3 years
  • If the Firm is interested in a strategic examination of the back or middle office areas and not just a pricing exercise.

Exploratory Discussion

The best next step is a quick exploratory discussion. Let us give you a brief overview of the many areas in which we help, and let’s explore top concerns and potential at your firm—then we can jointly determine whether Mattern might be able to assist you in making these areas more efficient and cost-effective.

Please use the form at right to get in touch with us, schedule an exploratory discussion, and start a dialogue to uncover how Mattern might help your firm.