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Mattern's consultants deliver decades of demonstrable success in improving the efficiency of law firms’ back and middle office support service areas from staffing, to operational processes, procedures, tools and technologies, vendor contract terms and conditions, and cost recovery.

We blend industry best practices, proprietary benchmarks, and firm-specific goals to attain the most desirable outcome, leverage our industry presence and negotiation strategies and ensure our clients achieve the most competitive pricing and terms in the marketplace when it comes to legal middle and back-office outsourcing.

Mattern Leads Am Law 200 Firm Through Administrative Services Restructure
OpportunityAn Am Law 200 firm, with 300 attorneys across multiple offices in the continental US, sought out Mattern's expertise to[...]
Mattern Creates IG Policy for Physical and Electronic Records for 150-Attorney Firm
OpportunityHeadquartered in St. Louis, this 150-attorney firm with multiple offices throughout the Midwest approached Mattern about assisting the firm with[...]
Mattern Turns Offsite Records Contract Renewal Into Significant Win for Global 100/Am Law 100 Firm, Incumbent Pays Fees
Opportunity This Global 100/Am Law 100 firm has 700 attorneys and 13 domestic offices and had previously engaged Mattern to[...]
Mattern Helps Phelps Dunbar LLP Stop Unrealistic Rate Increases and Reduce Offsite Records Storage Contract Costs by 10%.
BackgroundPhelps Dunbar LLP, a 360-attorney firm based in New Orleans, was experiencing a challenge common to many firms:  unnecessary fees,[...]
Mattern Helps Am Law 200 Firm Reshape Outsourcing Strategy for Substantial Savings and Wins Six-Figure Signing Incentive
Opportunity In 2022, Mattern was selected to evaluate traditional outsourcing services in 4 of its 19 offices for this Michigan-based[...]
Mattern Reduces Records Destruction Costs by 62.5% for Boston Firm
Background This Boston-based firm had approximately 3,000 cubic feet of files in storage with a national off-site records storage vendor[...]
Mattern Establishes Information Governance Program and Restructures Offsite Records Storage Contracts to Ease Destruction and Improve Costs for a 28% Savings
Background Headquartered in the Midwest, this 193-attorney law firm with 9 offices had just completed a conversion to Thomson Reuters’[...]
Mattern Helps Am Law 200 Firm Enhance Value of Offsite Records Contract with Ongoing Contract Compliance
Background This Am Law 200 firm with 312 attorneys in 18 offices engaged Mattern in 2014 to analyze and make[...]
Mattern Helps Marshall Dennehey Reduce Office Supplies Spend by 33%
OpportunityMarshall Dennehey is a highly regarded Am Law 200 firm with 500 attorneys across seven states. They have been practicing[...]
Northern California Firm Improves Information Governance Program and Reduces Offsite Records Storage Costs, Achieving High 6-Figure Savings
Challenge:This 45-attorney, Northern California firm sought to improve costs and contract terms and conditions for its offsite records storage as[...]
Am Law 200 Firm Reshapes Outsourcing, Equipment and Cost Recovery Strategy Post-COVID for Substantial Savings and Increase in Recoveries.
Opportunity: Headquartered on the East Coast this Am Law 200 firm has 496 attorneys and 700 support staff across 21[...]
Mattern Helps Burns & Levinson Analyze In-House vs. Outsourced Services. Firm Elects to Continue Outsourcing with Significantly Improved Contract
Opportunity: Headquartered in Boston, Burns & Levinson LLP is a 125 attorney firm in 4 domestic offices. Firm leadership wanted to[...]
Mattern Helps Am Law 100 Firm Bring Office Services In-house, Saving the Firm $1 Million
Opportunity: This Am Law 100 firm with over 800 attorneys in 27 domestic offices was pleased with its outsourcing provider relationship[...]
Mattern’s Contract Compliance Delivers Savings, Captures Headcount Reduction of 27% for Am Law 200 Firm
Challenge: This 350 attorney, New York-based firm is one of the leading law firms serving the financial services sector. Firm leadership[...]
Southeast-based Am Law 200 Firm Leverages Mattern to Find Savings and Improved Services in Office Supplies
Challenge: With nearly 400 attorneys across 24 domestic offices, this Southeast-based Am Law 200 firm had a firm-wide initiative to examine[...]
Pierce Atwood Turns Again to Mattern to Assist with Incumbent Outsourcing Renewal and Achieves 17% Savings
Pierce Atwood LLP is a multi-service law firm based in New England with over 160 attorneys in six offices in[...]
Mattern Helps Woods Rogers Find a Way Out of Prohibitive Off-site Storage Contract at No Cost to the Firm
With over 115 attorneys, Woods Rogers PLC is one of the largest law firms in Virginia.In 2020, the firm’s off-site[...]
Mattern Helps Holland & Knight Reduce Current Costs by 34.5% and Permanent Withdrawal Fees by $1 Million While Incorporating Information Governance Goals
Opportunity: Holland & Knight, an Am Law 100 firm with 24 locations and 650,000 cubic feet of off-site records storage,[...]
Mattern Assists Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP Achieve 49% Savings by Improving Output Efficiencies
Opportunity: Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP, an NLJ 500 firm headquartered in Nashville, was looking to upgrade its 189[...]
West Coast Am Law 100 Firm Improves Flexibility and Savings for Onsite Outsourcing/MFDs and Outsourced Administrative Services
Opportunity: This Am Law 100, West Coast firm has over 700 attorneys across 15 office locations.  The firm had been[...]
Mattern Helps Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP, Improve Outsourced Administrative Services Including Resource Center & Document and Word Processing Agreements
Opportunity: Based on the West-Coast, Orrick, Herrington & Sutcliffe LLP is an Am Law 50 firm who had been in[...]
Am Law 100 Firm Leverages Mattern Plan B Cost Recovery™ and Reduces Overhead by 28%
Opportunity: This Am Law 100 firm with over 500 attorneys was outsourcing traditional office services and equipment in several offices[...]
Mattern Leads Marshall Dennehey Negotiations to Avoid 20% Price Escalation in Offsite Records Storage Vendor Renewal Offer
Opportunity: Marshall Dennehey Warner Coleman & Goggin, P.C., is an Am Law 200 firm with 500 attorneys across 20 offices[...]
New York Office of International Firm Goes from In-house to Outsourced Operation
Opportunity:  This Am Law 25, international firm has over 1,100 lawyers, across 16 offices worldwide. The firm approached Mattern to[...]
Michigan-based Am Law 200 Firm Improves MFD Output Efficiencies, Decreases Costs by 23%
A Skeptical Start This Michigan-based, Am Law 200 firm has over 500 attorneys representing 40 practice areas and serving clients[...]
Am Law 100 Firm Achieves Unprecedented SLA, 31% Cost Savings, and Improves Attorney Experience
This Philadelphia-based, Am Law 100 firm has over 650 attorneys in 15 offices. Historically, the firm's back office equipment decisions[...]
Chamberlain Achieves 0$ Dollar Permanent Withdrawal Fee and 40% Savings with New Off-site Records Vendor
Background  Headquartered in Houston, Chamberlain Hrdlicka is a highly-regarded law firm with over 135 attorneys with offices in Atlanta, San[...]
Midwest Based Firm Improves Outsourcing Agreement, Achieving a 16% Reduction in Monthly Costs
Opportunity: This NLJ 500 firm is comprised of more than 170 attorneys practicing from offices in Chicago, St. Charles, Rockford,[...]
Kansas City Based Firm Improves Offsite Records Terms and Pricing
Opportunity: This law firm based in Kansas City, Missouri has an international practice with over 500 attorneys across all offices.[...]
New Outsourcing Contract Yields $1 Million+ Savings for Dickinson Wright
Dickinson Wright is a Michigan-based law firm with a significant national practice and over 450 attorneys. By 2017 the firm[...]
Am Law 100 Firm Achieves Compliance and Savings by Implementing Formal Information Governance Program
This Am Law 100 firm with over 900 attorneys and 27 offices coast to coast, recently made BTI’s Honor Roll[...]
Regional Powerhouse Improves Outsourcing Efficiencies and Costs
Opportunity:  This firm, based in Grand Rapids, Michigan, has a significant national practice with nearly 120 attorneys in two offices. [...]
New York-based Firm Leverages Technology & Equipment to Improve Workflow, Saves $1.4 Million over 5 Years
Opportunity: This AmLaw 200 firm with over 300 attorneys based in New York City, was looking to implement changes in[...]
Mattern Assists an Am Law 200 Firm Create New Cost Recovery Model to Recoup Charges for Litigation Support Solution
Opportunity: This Am Law 200 firm with over 380 attorneys in seven office across Texas offered clients a full end-to-end[...]
Hemenway & Barnes LLP Leverages Current Equipment to Achieve 11% Savings
Opportunity: Based in Boston, Hemenway & Barnes LLP, a well-established firm with over 150 years in business, sought to renew[...]
Mattern Assists AmLaw 100 firm to Improve Outsourcing Efficiencies and Costs Through Closed RFP Process, Achieving 22% Savings
Opportunity: This AmLaw 100 firm based in Kansas City, Missouri has a nationwide practice with over 475 attorneys across all[...]
Thompson Coburn LLP, an Am Law 200 Firm, Achieves Savings and Substantially Improved Terms Across Multiple Back Office Service Areas
Opportunity: Based in St. Louis, Thompson Coburn is an AmLaw 200 firm with over 380 attorneys in five offices. In[...]
Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard P.C. Change Service Providers Mid-Contract, Improve Contract Terms for Office Supplies and Off-Site Records
Opportunity: Sandberg, Phoenix & von Gontard P.C., a well-established St. Louis-based firm with over 100 attorneys, was having difficulty with[...]
Mattern Assists Regional Firm in Implementing Effective Information Governance
Opportunity: This 140 attorney firm with six offices wished to implement a comprehensive and effective Information Governance program. At the current[...]
Am Law 50 Firm Ensures Employee-Friendly Outsourcing Path while Improving Back Office Efficiency
Opportunity: Based in Seattle, this 1,000+ attorney Am Law 50 firm with 16 US offices in 12 states, had expiring[...]
AmLaw 200 Firm Leverages Technology & Equipment to Improve Workflow, Saves $1 Million over 5 Years
Opportunity:   This 320 attorney, AmLaw 200, Kansas City-based firm was looking to implement changes in production workflow in order to[...]
Nashville-based Firm Improves Outsourcing Workflow Efficiencies, Service and Equipment Capabilities: Achieves 51% Savings
Opportunity:  This 225 attorney, Nashville-based firm was looking to improve outsourcing workflow efficiencies, service level and increase equipment capabilities. The[...]
Am Law 200 Firm Removes Permanent Withdrawal Fees, Consolidates Vendors and Saves 24% in Off-Site Record Storage
Opportunity: This 250 attorney, AmLaw 200, Washington D.C.-based firm has 11 offices nationwide. The firm had multiple offsite records storage[...]
Am Law 200 Firm Saves on Costs, Improves Service Levels by Outsourcing Records and Selecting New MFD Vendor
Problem: This 350 attorney, Am Law 200 firm based in Ohio had decided to outsource their in-sourced back-office operations and[...]
Am Law 200 Firm Gains Competitive Advantage and Charge Back Model to Recoup Costs for eDiscovery Managed Services
Problem: This 250 attorney, Am Law 200, Washington D.C.-based firm had specific areas in which it was struggling; in particular,[...]
Chicago-based Firm Improves Workflow and Achieves 33% Annual Savings
Problem: This AmLaw 200, Chicago-based firm had taken advantage of outsourcing methods over the last couple of years; however, its[...]
AmLaw 200 Firm Shifts to Work-Cell Environment, Captures 24% in Cost Savings while Substantially Improving Operational Efficiency
Problem: This 320 attorney, AmLaw 200, Houston-based firm was in the throes of implementing a “work-cell” environment for their secretaries[...]
Mattern’s Phase III Contract Compliance Program Achieves Maximum Value for Best Best & Krieger’s Office Supplies Contracts
Established in 1891, Best Best & Krieger (BBK) is a highly regarded, full-service law firm of over 350 professionals, including[...]
Mattern & Associates Spearheads Vendor Consolidation, Achieves 23% Monthly Savings in Support Services for Best Best & Krieger
By Susan Plummer, Director of Finance, Best Best & Krieger The Issue: Lack of a Firm Wide Strategy for Support[...]
National Firm Gains 33% Reduction in Permanent Withdrawal Fees and 22% Monthly Savings on Outsourcing Contracts in Dual RFPs
The Background With more than 1,100 lawyers and consulting professionals in 24 offices worldwide, this firm is a leading business[...]
Prominent IP Law Firm Achieves Win-Win & 10 Year Contract with Open Off-Site Records RFP
Background Establishing and maintaining a successful contract negotiation is a situation in which there needs to be two winners, not[...]