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Truly Unbiased

The value of hiring a consultant is to bring industry-wide expertise and an in-depth knowledge to an area. The consultant leverages that expertise and experience, ensures the firm’s chosen solution is implemented, and maximizes the success of the firm’s business objective. 

This proposition fails, however, if the consultant stands to gain from the outcome – either as a service provider or if the model of payment is a percentage of savings.  

Mattern stands apart in the marketplace, not only for our expertise and experience, but because we are truly unbiased. We offer an independent and unbiased counsel, and when it comes to outcomes, we keep the firm’s best interests front and center, always.

To make good on the promise of value, Mattern ensures:

  1. All value from the engagement flows to the firm
  2. All savings from the engagement flow to the firm
  3. All options are optimized in the firm’s interest

This is the Mattern way. We serve law firms. 

The Mattern Method®

Mattern delivers services using a proprietary, detailed and data-driven methodology designed to identify business process improvement (BPI), cost reduction, and expense recovery opportunities for law firms of every size, specialty, and location. Our 3-phase approach includes a thorough examination of your current data, proactive implementation of the recommendations, and ongoing reviews and updates.  Learn more about the proven success of the Mattern Method.

Areas of Expertise

We are subject matter experts that expertly assess your legal back and middle office support service area staffing, operational processes, procedures, tools and technologies, and vendor contract terms and conditions. We blend industry best practices, proprietary benchmarks, and firm-specific goals to attain the most desirable outcome concerning office support functions. Finally, we leverage our industry presence and negotiation strategies to provide firms like yours with the most competitive pricing and terms in the marketplace when it comes to legal middle and back-office outsourcing.

  • Current State Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Recommendations
  • Cost Recovery
  • Request for Proposal Process
  • Contract Negotiation
  • Implementation Oversight
  • On-going Contractual Monitoring & Maintenance
  • Areas of Focus


    “We’ve had nothing but amazing success with Mattern, not only are they great subject matter experts a true wealth of knowledge, they are easy to work with, readily available, respond timely and provide out of the box solutions resulting in best value for their clients. I would highly recommend them.
    - California-based law firm on Outsourcing Request For Proposal (RFP)

    Because of engaging Mattern for the Contract Compliance program, our firm is more pleased with our service contracts, we have also achieved significantly more effective contracts. I consider their team to be an invaluable resource.
    - Maria D’Aquila, Operations Manager, Best, Best & Krieger

    Every firm needs someone that has the expertise and ability to drill down into levels that most people don’t even think about. Mattern provided us with benchmarks that weren’t available to us. It’s hard work that requires enormous amounts of background analysis-and Mattern is very good at the analysis.
    - Director of Firmwide Vendor Relations, multi-national firm

    Read case studies that illustrate the benefits of using Mattern to discover and implement strategies that save law firm and legal departments time, money and frustration on their back and middle office support services.

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    Next Step

    If you are interested in having Mattern assess your support services and document management areas, would like to receive additional information or have a conversation with one of our consultants, the next step is to schedule a call to discuss your particular needs.