Leaders in e-Discovery and Litigation Support Recovery Models

Leaders in e-Discovery and Litigation Support Recovery Models 2020-09-01T21:44:22+00:00
Law firm leaders know e-Discovery and litigation support costs have spiraled out of control because of the exponential increase in data volumes—what they don’t know is how to shift from a legacy model of absorbing hosting, e-Discovery and litigation support costs to a recovery model that their attorneys will bill and clients will pay.

This lack of clarity as to how to move forward with recoveries for this growing service area means some firms recover double what other firms do.

Mattern provides the industry’s only unbiased approach to your firm’s e-Discovery and litigation support charge-back models, powered by the industry’s only benchmarking of this service area.  The first step in optimizing your e-Discovery and Litigation Support recovery model is to know how you compare—and to know how in-house services compare to the crowded market of providers. 

With Mattern on your side, firm recoveries increase on average by 35%.

Whether performed in-house, or with a third-party provider, Mattern provides a blueprint for implementing a competitive solution with leading technology, methodologies for reducing costs, and the opportunity to maximize recoverable expenses.

“Mattern did an excellent job of collecting the information they needed. The committee signed off during the meeting on the charge back model we recommended. We are very pleased with the outcome.”

Duane Lites, Director of Litigation Support at Jackson Walker LLP

What Do We Deliver To You?

  • A current-state assessment including how well your litigation support (e-Discovery) costs and contractual terms and conditions are performing relative to your peers and the industry
  • Workflow recommendations for the intake, culling, processing, and review of Electronically Stored Information (ESI), including the use of analytics
  • Alternative pricing models for improved recovery of costs, e.g. unit, hourly, flat fee
  • Focus group outcomes conducted with billing attorneys to review various pricing models for feedback/viability
  • Projections for the net realization of new cost recovery methodologies based on the firm’s current realization rate

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